Transitioning (aka Dying)

A spiritual view of the Other Side

I am the last person to say that loss is easy.

A year ago I lost my childhood best friend to cancer. She was 39 when she was diagnosed. Two angelic, young children and a (thankfully) wonderful husband. A beautiful life on Cape Cod. Within five months she was gone. Just like that.

To say she was my best friend is…simplistic. The vast majority of my childhood memories stem from our time together – attached at the hip from 5-18. We vacationed together. Her mom once washed my mouth out with soap when I swore; my mom taught her some of the details of “becoming a woman.” She was a sister.

And then she was gone.

Courtesy - Gratisography

Courtesy – Gratisography

So I get it.

But, deep breath, what I also get — and what carried me through my sadness — is that she is fine. We all are fine.

Her Soul has returned home, and I don’t mean that in a simplistic way. I mean her soul has returned home.

Who we are is soul.

That brilliant, loving, compassionate presence visits this earth for a time — in a body — to expand its understanding, to become even more compassionate.

It gathers experiences.

There is no judgement, no right and wrong.

There is simply growth. Beautiful, powerful growth.

And then that brilliant presences returns from whence it came.

To that place where, once again, there is no judgement. There is no right and wrong. There is only expansion.

So I’ve come to understand that we grieve for ourselves. We grieve for the loss in our lives, for the emptiness we feel.

And that is fine, too.

But what I know for certain is that those souls — those whom we have loved and lost — remain with us, here and now.

They are with us in how they unknowingly shaped us, in all the ways they graced our own earthly experience.

They are with us, looking back from the Other Side, knowing that this is how we wrote it, together, before we both came through at birth.

They are with us, knowing that this is part of our soul’s expansion: neither good nor bad, just beautiful, powerful growth.

They are with us, blessing us. Loving us in a way they were not even able to do while on earth — loving us more than we can ever imagine.

And they are with us, reminding us that things are exactly as our Souls wanted them to be.

So while I miss my dearest old friend, my sister, I also know we all are fine.

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12 thoughts on “Transitioning (aka Dying)

  1. Oh, this is so true….I lost a friend just a month ago, and I feel her loving presence with me now in such a comforting way. I’ve found this with every loss…the ones I am grieving are still with me. Yes, I miss them, selfishly, in the now, but oh….the blessing of having known them at all, and to be continually in their loving soul presence. Life continues, and it is beauty FULL! Love never dies. This I KNOW! xxooo thanks for reminding me!

    • Deirdre – wow, what a love- and acceptance- filled comment this is! Thank you for sharing, and I’m so glad you’ve been able to have this experience in spite of your losses.

      One thing I’ve learned from readers’ comments is that not everyone can see it/feel it this way – either the loss is too recent, too profound and painful, or they simply don’t align with what I wrote about “the other side.”

      All of this is fine and well and as it should be!

      I do believe that when people like you share your experience, however, it might allow a little ray of light into their darkness. And we know that Light grows. So again, thank you.

  2. Thank you for visiting my blog, Julianna! As I read your post above I started laughing joyously – “Here is a kindred spirit!” Your words about us being souls, about us being fine, about this time in our bodies being about growth…I could have written it myself! I’m so glad we’ve been “introduced” and I look forward to reading more of your posts. I’ll be sharing your post on my Great Posts post next week! 🙂

    • Thanks for this note, Elizabeth – isn’t it fun to find people we resonate with? 🙂 Glad you enjoyed that post…you might like the one I’m about to publish too – it’s on how to find the courage to “go for it.” I took a look at your page and it seems we do indeed share much of the same sentiments! Thanks for sharing my post on yours – I appreciate that. Best to you – and if you haven’t signed up for my newsletter (with good tidbits, guided visualizations, special offers etc), please do – I think you’ll like it! I think this link will work…

  3. Thank you for visiting my blog and liking my Tribute to Wayne Dyer post. I appreciated it. I loved your post too and what you wrote about souls here.

    • Thanks, LivelyTwist. Yes, it is indeed a blessing to have faith/understanding in the fact that we are more than just these bodies. Thanks for dropping a note – I really love hearing from folks!