See for Free

I’m giving away my (not-inexpensive) Energy Coaching.

That’s right, for free. Here, on this page. Don’t believe me? Check these out.

A Gift for YouPeople often say that they can’t afford coaching. Or they don’t know what coaching is. Or it’s not a current priority.

When I hear this, I want to hold their face in my hands, look into their eyes, and say with absolute compassion and deep knowing:

“There is not a car, purse, pair of designer shoes, or vacation that will ever benefit you as much as this work.”

And then, “You are worth it. Please – invest accordingly.”

So as my gift to you, I’m offering free power-coaching. It will provide a sense of how transformative this Energy Coaching thing is, and to bring some of the magic directly to you.

If you have something in your life you’re looking to transform, or have a question about from an energetic viewpoint, just leave me a note below, and I will send you a recording of my response as soon as I possibly can.

It’s that simple!

I share the mp3’s on this blog and on my podcast, so that others can learn from it as well. However, I will not use your name at any point in the mp3 – it’s totally anonymous.