Ready to Stay Balanced this Holiday Season?

A 50% off Holiday Special

It certainly is “that time of year,” when we WANT to be happy, joyful, and light – but so often we end up being stressed out, tired, and heavy instead.

If you’re looking to stay centered and healthy, this course is for you! I’m really pleased to extend this SPECIAL OFFER* for you to join my upcoming, private Energy Alchemy class. It’s a chance to create a New Year, from the deepest core of your being.


Imagine making powerful shifts – with like-minded people – this Holiday season!

“I have been totally blown away by how positive an experience this has been,
and how much we accomplished in a relatively short period of time.”
– k.c. wilder, author

I’m hurrying to sneak this in before the New Year, so I’m offering it for 50% off!


Because it’s a very powerful time of year for you to get clear.

Because I want to encourage you to take care of you.

And mostly because as you clear your energy, you are setting yourself up to enter the New Year with more power than ever before!

Expect to finish the course feeling:

  • More powerful than ever
  • Connected to your guides, higher self, Divine energy
  • Stronger and ready to Manifest is a super-powerful way!
  • Ready – in a grounded, centered way – to take action toward your dreams
  • Supported, encouraged and guided

Are you ready to take a MAJOR (but simple!) step into who you want to be?

YES!  I am ready to Alchemize my Energy!

I’m definitely going pretty old-school on this, because I’m feeling guided to offer it last-minute. With this in mind, we will meet via teleconference – I will email you the information once you have signed up for the course.

Mondays, 8:00 – 9:00p EST
November 30 & December  7, 14, & 21 – 2015

All calls will be recorded, and will be made available as mp3’s in case you need to listen afterwards. I encourage you to be there in person, however, as there will be a tremendous amount of POWER coming through the line!

There will be homework for you to do each week. This is a hugely-important piece of the puzzle, because it heightens, extends, and amplifies the energy around the work we’ll be doing on the calls. Trust me on this!

*SPECIAL OFFER! This class typically costs $400 or more. I’m offering it – until 6pm TONIGHT! – at 50% off. Which means you have the chance to make amazing shifts in your life/energy/consciousness, for a mere $200.

Having walked hundreds of people through my Energy Alchemy process, I can vouch for the fact that the results are *magical.* It’s a word I hesitate to use, but I truly cannot find another way to describe it. My clients have:

  • Happiness! They have learned to create it – truly create it – on the inside.
  • Peace. They know how to navigate negative energy without attachment.
  • Loving relationships. They have good, balanced, caring, compassionate people in their lives, because they themselves emit a different vibration.
  • New bodies. As we transform our energy, we transform our bodies.
  • The list goes on! And on and on!

Remember, this is a super-special offer. I will continue to run the class next year, but it likely won’t be as intimate, and it certainly won’t be at such a great value!

One last thing: I KNOW it’s close to the holidays, and we’re all watching our pocketbooks. But if you sense – in those deep parts of your being – that you are ready for “more,” then this is it, the time is NOW.

Energy Alchemy is going to change your life.

You, and your life, are worth it.

All My Best,

p.s. This offer will ONLY be open until 6pm tonight! I hope you forward it to friends and loved ones – but make sure they act fast too!