Marine biologist turned deep energy worker

I’m gifted, today, with the ability to help people alchemize their energy.About_JRicci

It wasn’t always that way.

My story begins with me as a marine biologist, a master’s degree in hand from studying on the Great Barrier Reef, Australia. It was pretty cool stuff.

Until it wasn’t.

Actually, let’s go back even further. This story actually begins in 7th grade. Already on an academic path, with nary an alternative thought in my world, I opted to do my big research paper on black holes. The following year I wrote my report on ESP. Clearly, something “other-worldly” was already in me.

But I ignored it — didn’t even recognize it was there. I stayed on the straight and narrow, all science and math.

Fast forward 25 years, through a career with the Federal government and years of travel to tropical islands (where, by the way, I was fortunate to dive on many of the world’s best reefs). By my late 20s, I no longer felt the same excitement: the marine world simply did not do it for me anymore.

Instead I found myself pulled in another direction – that of becoming a healer.

If you’ve ever made a major change in life, you know how difficult my next step was. I had spent an entire lifetime, and a whole lot of money, on my science education.

But what happens when the old way no longer fulfills you?

It was an existential question, and after a full 2 years of conversation and introspection, my husband and I decided that our dreams really are to follow our dreams. We also decided the time was right to start a family, and our first son was born exactly 2 weeks after I left my cushy government job. Scary, but awesome. Or so I thought.

Enter the most pivotal time of my life.

The blissful stay-at-home, launch-my-dreamed-of-new-career ideal never materialized.

Instead, I was spun into a mild, but still soul-numbing, post-partum depression.

I now look back and think the Universe said, “You want to be a healer? Great. Then heal yourself.” That’s how it went down, I’m sure of it now. I just didn’t know it at the time.

Such is life.

It was not easy. Not in the least. But I healed, by going deep – beyond Self, beyond Mind.

It was my pivot point. It’s when I finally opened to what had been whispering and nudging for 25 years, even though I never listened. It’s when my left brain (rational, analytical) finally became balanced with my right brain (intuitive, divine).

And in the process, I experienced a fundamental truth:

It is only in such openness and balance that we are able to tap into the deepest opportunities for healing and growth.

By the time I came through that difficult time, I had been gifted the ability to know layers beneath layers, and to shift the energy underneath it all.

Others, when they open and find balance, will have a different experience. But always, we find a level of peace and groundedness, of compassion and understanding (for self and others), of acceptance and allowing, that we’d never had before.

I am forever grateful that I was opened in this way. And I am humbled, daily, that this is my path. There is no greater gift I can imagine – to give or receive – than the honor of helping people change their lives in profound, love-filled, and divine ways.

J. Ricci Ocean