Saying Yes! to You: Why it matters & how to do it

Our boss “should” praise us; our partner “should” compliment us; our kids “should” thank us. But how often do any of these things happen? If we keep waiting around for them, we begin to feel very, very empty.

I’m going to propose something radical here: I going to suggest that it’s time we all begin filling ourselves, rather than expecting others to do it for us.

Photo courtesy: Creative Commons

Photo courtesy: Creative Commons

I wonder how many of you had some resistance flare up just now?

“I don’t have time to say ‘yes’ to me! Whoever heard of such a preposterous idea! I would never be that selfish!”

I can almost see a grandmother – or a Puritan!– poo-pooing the concept. You likely have the same voices in your head, saying that exact sort of thing. Keep Reading…>>


5 steps to help you not freak out

I just got a puppy. For the first time. Ever. And he’s 100% adorable and sweet (as you can see).

But holy smokes he is triggering me!

How can such a cutie possibly trigger me?

I know, how is that possible with a face as cute as this?

See, I didn’t actually want a new baby. (I know, a puppy isn’t a baby. But you’ve got to admit there are some similarities from the whole “totally dependent and time-consuming” angle.)

I’d had some pretty intense post-partum depression after my first baby. So there’s the trigger right there – this lack-of-freedom, and being-at-someone’s-beck-and-call is all too familiar. In a not-so-fun-way. Keep Reading…>>

When to Push v. When to Allow

I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling a little “off” right now.

I feel like I want to be slacking, but I that should be charging forward instead.

Something inside me is wanting to be fallow – you know, to rejuvenate and all – but another part of me is acutely aware of the danger of losing momentum.

And the whole thing has got me to thinking about when to Push versus when to Allow.


This topic is not new. Not to me personally, and certainly not to my clients.

Here’s how I most often encounter it for myself:

I really don’t feel like doing the dishes right now – but that’s okay, because I’ll have the motivation to do them at some point in the next 3-6 hours.

And I do. So it’s all good – this is a system that works for me. And for my family.

Along these same lines, if I don’t feel like doing the laundry, I know I’ll get to it within a day or two. Writing thank-you cards? A few days. Writing my next blog post? Um….

This is what I’ve been facing the past few weeks.

Yes, weeks.


I just plain wasn’t feeling it. I was all Christmas and New Years and travel and family and eggnog. Nowhere in this milieu was there an energetic connection to sitting at the computer. Or reaching out to people who, by my estimates, were similarly in their own little tinsel and eggnog bubbles.

Frankly, I wanted to give us all a break. Keep Reading…>>

Why We Give Others Our Power

And (of course) how we can stop

I fancy myself to be a really grounded, centered person.

And I am.

Most of the time, anyway.

This morning I was thrown from that happy warm-fuzzy bubble.

Courtesy iStock

Aghh! Why does that still happen, when I know as much as I know and help as many people as I do?

Why do I still allow someone to take my power?

Now, in all fairness, that someone was my husband. And he wasn’t trying to take my power… Keep Reading…>>

How to Transform a Block That Has You Stuck

Energy Coaching. For Free.

Hi Julianna…I have conquered or aspired to and won most of my life goals…but there is one area that I have tried in the past. I have never failed at it but I have never conquered my fears around it either. My real concern is my own lack of being able to conquer this? That is where I need help. I want to conquer my fear and my desire.”

This week’s MP3 offers a really powerful guided visualization on transforming a block.

Often, we try to make changes by thinking or doing.

The reality is that the best thing we can do – for real, lasting change – is to go in the back door, sneaking past the brain, logic, and analysis.

That’s precisely what this recording does.

Each week I respond, in an MP3, to a reader’s question with some Energy Coaching and/or a guided visualization. Let me know what you think, in the comments below.

Read the full comment/request…>>

So Much Easier Said Than Done

I’m going to be brutally honest here. Growth sucks.

It is painful and scary, awkward and uncomfortable. It feels ugly, gangly, and embarrassing.

I am not a fan.

Except, of course, I am. Or I must be, because I keep digging deeper, pulling up my boot straps and moving forward – long past the time when any sane person would have climbed into bed, put a pillow over her head, and called it a day. Or a decade.

The pain of stretching into a new place. (Photo: Courtesy Gratisography)

See, here’s the thing.

Clearly I make a habit of being positive, uplifting, encouraging and supportive on this blog.

I do this in my “real” life, too – it’s what I do as a profession, but even moreso, it’s who I am.

I believe in it 110%, from the deepest parts of my soul.

I believe in pursuing our dreams, in following those little whispers, or big nudges – those things we long to try, and lose track of time once we’re finally doing them.

I believe that when we leap, the net appears – that when we say “yes” to our deeper calling, that we will be supported in strange and mysterious ways.

And I believe in moving forward in spite of fear, because it gets the Universe moving on our behalf, and otherwise we stay still and fail to grow in new and exciting ways.

BUT…… Keep Reading…>>

A New Way of Facing Down Fear

It’s a bit crazy to me, how I can have done “so much work” and still find myself in ego-based places of fear.

I wrote this post a few days ago. Little did I know at the time that I was writing it for myself as much as for anyone else. Here goes, and here’s to Puddle Jumping – in spite of the fear!

courtesy istock

courtesy istock


There’s a new term I want to tell you about. It’s called “Puddle Jumping.”

It’s got the power to blast down decades of blocks – the power to get us what we want:

Excitement. Manifestation. Joy. Success. Love.

And most importantly, it gets us past the “stuckness” of fear.

Here’s how Puddle Jumping sounds and feels:

“You can do it – just Puddle Jump!”

“I feel great – I just Puddle Jumped!”

And best of all, “I never, ever would have gotten to where I am now if I hadn’t Puddle-Jumped.”

The Skinny on Puddle Jumping
It goes like this. Imagine you want to do/be/have something. Be specific. It’s something you like to daydream about it. Keep Reading…>>