My First Time

How this Scientist went from Doubter to Believer

I’ll always remember my first time.

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This is a PG story, just for disclosure. And it’s all about Energy Work.

I share this story because I believe it’s super-important for people to understand Energy Work is not just for “seekers.” It is for all of us, regardless of where we come from or where we are going.

It will benefit every single person, in every single thing they do.

You see, I was once new at Energy Work – and quite frankly, although I was curious, I thought the whole thing was kind of froofy. It didn’t add up, didn’t make sense. I was trained as a Scientist. Everything in me was about logic, math, order, proof. It’s amazing what 18 years of education and training can do – I was a left-brainer, through and through.

So my “first time” believing in this Energy thing was a very, very big deal. It changed my life, and I’ve seen it do the same for countless other people, from all walks of life.

Here’s the scene: I was taking a Reiki class. During the previous night’s session we had been “attuned to receive the Divine Light flowing through us.”

We were now going around the circle, taking turns describing our experiences that day, how things were different, how we ourselves had changed.

My classmates were doing things like staring in joyful disbelief at their hands, saying “they’ve been buzzing all day!”

I listened, observing how powerful the placebo effect really is. My classmates had believed things were going to be different, and therefore they were. I knew a lot about placebos, as a scientist.

Then it was my turn.

Honesty’s a good policy, right?

“I gotta be honest,” I started. “I haven’t noticed anything different. And I don’t understand why you do some ‘magical’ symbols over my head and I’m suddenly able to channel Divine Light through me.”

My Reiki Master, Myra, kindly said in her worn British accent, “How about not having to understand, but instead just allowing?”

How about not having to understand, but instead just allowing?

Say what? Well, how about throwing Descartes, Copernicus, Gallileo, Darwin, and Einstein out the window, while we’re at it? Every ounce of scientific training and logic reared up their defenses. That is crazy, I thought. This whole thing is nuts.

But thankfully, in spite of this doubt and cynicism, I decided to give her advice a shot. I guess I knew I wanted more – I wanted to understand this “other side” that I knew existed. Quantum and String theories state it, for heaven’s sake.

It is not an exaggeration to say that, in the end, it changed the course of my life.

I decided to allow, without understanding.

I sat in my chair, eyes closed, as she did the second round of attunements on each of us. I focused on allowing, on receiving, on being open to whatever energies were being shifted inside me.

My first time was amazing.

Mind you, it’s hard a heck to describe.

It was as though I was floating inside of myself. It felt like I was the entire Universe. The concept of my body was gone – there were no boundaries, only this expansiveness.

I was fully aware, but still in this space of grace, when Myra called me “back into the room.” I hadn’t left, of course, except into this strange and extraordinary inner realm. I heard her speaking to me, could feel her next to me. I don’t know how long I was “gone,” but I certainly had no interest in leaving a place like this.

Eventually, as others were packing up to leave, I finally made myself come back. Myra helped “ground me” back into my body before sending me off into the world.

I can’t say that my hands ever buzzed, and my Reiki Land [as I’ve come to call it] high did not last more than a couple hours.

But I had been changed, irrevocably altered.

I now believed.

I believed without understanding.

The rest, as they say, is history. I continued to train and practice until I became a Reiki Master myself. I had a natural propensity for it. Myra and I have become dear, dear friends, and to this day we exchange sessions. Over time, the pull that had once whispered in my ear about this energy stuff became a full-blown stream that carried me away. I left my job as a scientist, earned my professional Coaching degree [because people need to talk things through, and Coaching is amazing], and now I have an extraordinary Energy Coaching practice.

I feel blessed every day. There were ups and downs on this journey to be sure [of course there were], but I know without a doubt that I was guided here.

My only job was to follow – to Allow.

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6 thoughts on “My First Time

  1. Dear Julianna
    Lovely to reconnect again.. I think you fell out of my reader as I have not seen any of your posts..

    Sometimes all we have to do is accept.. And allow…. My daughter practices Reiki .. I was a Spiritual Healer.. I say was.. I do not practice any more within the healing group.. But I still channel energy.. We are all of us channels if we allow ourselves to be part of the circuit from Source 🙂

    Loved you have such a great experience..
    Hugs Sue x

    • We are all channels indeed, Sue, and it’s always been obvious through your writing that you have a great deal of experience and openness in this way. So nice to “hang” with you again. Hugs – j

      Ps – Brad, thank you for holding the space for this dear little reunion!

  2. Science kept me safe since my chaotic youth when Mr. Spock on the original Star Trek became my first crush. So many years later, I did not have an aha experience in Reiki class, but I have felt the energy flowing from my hands. It’s been a while since I practiced, being caught back up in my left brain lately, but I’m getting ready to make a leap of faith to come home to my creative self as I allow art to flow from these hands too. Thanks for finding me, so I could find you. I’m looking forward to reading…. experiencing more of your messages which are right on time.

    • JoAnn – thanks for taking the time to comment – and for the reminder that our efforts go where they’re meant to go! 🙂 Although I never did the Star Trek thing, MacGyver was my first crush – so I know what you’re talking about! ? Please keep me posted on the shifts that occur on your path, and feel free to join my new FB group if you want help keeping yourself accountable to any changes you’re looking to make – I’d love to have you there to be supported and help support others! ✨?✨