Let the Games Begin

(Hello new friends!)

J. Ricci Energy CoachingFunny thing: I’ve had a blog for 5+ years.

And a website for even longer.

But this here marks my first post combining the two.

As you will notice, my “other blog” is delicious to look at. It’s inspiring and uplifting. It has 1,000+ followers (hello old friends!).

My “other website” is solid, informative, and pretty rocking. I’ve loved it since I first produced it.

But you know how sometimes it’s time for something new?

Here’s the thing: the blog has allowed me to share a positive message, and i LOVE that. My website has enable me to share about my work, and i LOVE that too.

That said, it’s time for a merger.

My goal with this blogsite (did I just make that up?) is to bring people the best of the best:

Inspiration, uplifting vibrations, and some of the awesomeness that I share with clients.

You see, my goal in life has long been to “help raise the collective vibration.” I can surely do that best by sharing my insights as an Energy Coach – for FREE, here on this blogsite.

Welcome, new friends. It’s a pleasure to meet you, and to be sharing our paths. I trust you will gain heaps from this blog as time goes on.

And please share these posts far and wide, so that you too can help raise the collective vibration.

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