Inauguration Meditation

I am feeling deeply, strangely at peace right now.

There is only one reason I’m feeling it.


I went “in” today. During the inauguration.

What I mean is, I went inward. To a higher place.

I went inward, to a level of compassion, understanding, perspective and love that I’ve been unable to access in the midst of all the messy, painful humanness that is going on in the country and in the world.

I accessed that beauty-infused place of trust and faith, through this guided meditation.

If you’ve done a guided visualization before, you’ll understand the depth of peace that I was able to reach.

And if you haven’t – if you’re new to this stuff – know that it’s super-easy, and it will leave you feeling ridiculously good. Give it a try, I think you might like it.

Here is the recording.

Plug it in as you’re falling asleep tonight, or when you can no longer look at your FB feed or the news. Or use it tomorrow morning, to bring good vibes to the marches. Or perhaps the day after, and the day after that.

Every time you listen it will bring you magic and light.

Your life (and the world) will be better for it.

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