How to Protect your Energy

"Bubbling" Yourself and Why it Matters

A lot of folks reading this blog are highly intuitive.

((Spoiler alert: you can go straight to this mp3 link to quickly learn to “bubble” yourself.))

Let me ask you a few questions:

  • Do you get overwhelmed in crowded, loud, or bright spaces?
  • Are you highly sensitive to other peoples’ energies?
  • Do you ideally wait to feel “aligned” with a decision, project, chore, etc before doing it?

Here’s the thing with Intuitives: we experience the world very differently from others.

We walk through the world using a very finely tuned radar system.

This means that we pick up many, many things that other people don’t.

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And while that it lovely in a lot of ways, it often leads to what I call Intuitive Overload.

Intuitive Overload takes on a few different forms:

  1. Receiving too many bits of information in a given situation (think the mall at Christmas – or anytime, for that matter), causing our systems to fritz out a bit.
  2. We pick up on so many things, about so many people, that navigating social situations can be overwhelming.
  3. We absorb the energies of others, inadvertently thinking we’re helping/healing them.

Sound familiar?

If yes, then you know what happens next: System Overload.

We feel frazzled, overwhelmed, begin to shut down, and often get sick.

(It has been my observation that Intuitives are ill far more often than others.)


Because we haven’t learned how to protect our energy.

We haven’t been taught how to shield ourselves – from giving out too much of our own energy, and from taking in too much from the world around us.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. In fact, it’s not meant to be that way.

Your Intuitive gifts are indeed gifts – they’re meant to be used and enjoyed.

It just takes a little learning.

So here we go – let’s start Bubbling!

I call it bubbling, because in essence you are putting a shield-like bubble around yourself.

It’s easy, and quick, and I recommend using it anytime you are entering a situation that typically throws you into Intuitive Overload (shopping, certain people, crowds, bright box-stores, confrontations, etc).

Here’s How to Bubble:

  1. Focus on your breath for one full, deep breath
  2. Envision a protective bubble encompassing you – starting at your feet, extending out as far as your legs can reach. The bubble grows as it cocoons you, all around, as far as your arms can reach in all directions.
  3. Color the bubble – whatever color feels best to you (great options are gold, silver, purple, pink, white)
  4. Feel, see, or sense for a moment the sturdiness of your bubble, and how nothing can get through. Imagine darts bouncing off it, from the outside, if that feels good to you. Just get a sense for how reliable it is, and how peaceful and clear it is inside the bubble.

That’s all it takes! It’s as easy as that – the trick is remembering to do it.

I put out an MP3 earlier this week, guiding you through a Bubbling exercise. When you practice a few times, it solidifies it for when you need it in the real world. Do it, trust me, you’ll thank me for it.

Leave a comment below, and let me know how it goes for you.

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