Falling off the Horse

(And How to Get Back On...)

I’m going to own this right upfront: I pretty much stink at sticking with my self-commitments.

Which, of course, is why I started the Facebook group The Power of Practice. And it’s why I’m writing the book on what it really takes to make our dreams come true (hint: it has a lot to do with stick-with-it-ness).

Because changing a pattern is not easy, and I believe almost all of us need a little help with it.

Let me say though – I didn’t do these things out of sheer magnanimousness. (It’s a word – I looked it up.)

Courtesy of PhotoExpress

Courtesy of PhotoExpress

Although that is definitely part of it: I do value the huge, life-changing shifts that comes with commitment.

So on the one hand, I am creating these accountability-based things because I am absolutely committed to helping people become the best of themselves.

But I am also doing it for me.

Because I need accountability as much as the next person. Particularly to the “new (or old) things” I bring into my life as self-commitments.

(I so don’t love admitting that publicly, but if it helps even one person on their path, it’s worth it.)

For instance: in order to work out, I have to go to a class at the gym. Plain and simple. Otherwise, it doesn’t get done. The class is my accountability.

How about you? What is the “new (or old) thing” that you are determined to create in your life? Is it a date night? A workout regime? Your online business? Meditating?

Think for a moment about how long you’ve stuck with your “new (or old) thing” in the past. A week? Two? Perhaps even a month or two?

And I bet you were 110% committed to the “new thing” you wanted to do for yourself, jumped in with guns blaring, wanted totally and completely the amazing changes you knew would come from this “new thing,” … and then before you knew what happened, you had Fallen off the Horse.*

Life had happened, and your “new thing” had silently fell off your radar.

Am I close?

Right. So, we both know what I’m talking about.

Now what? What to do with it?

With a decade of experience as an Energy Coach, I can tell you lots of reasons why we are this way. I can help you explore why you repeat this pattern in your life, and help you develop tools to finally move past this block. That would be amazing for you, and I’m happy to do it if you decide to coach with me.

But it’s just plain too much for a blog post.

My goal with this blog is to offer Coaching tools for anyone who wants them, for free. So here goes.

The most important thing to know is that it doesn’t really matter why you are this way. I don’t let my paying clients get caught up in the “why” of things, and I don’t believe it’s good for you either.

The most powerful question to ask is “what can I do to change it?”

Here’s a handy little list to use around your “new (or old) thing”:

  1. Start with only one thing and let it be a Baby Step.
  2. Write it down – in a place where you won’t forget it (join The Power of Practice group if it feels right).
  3. Think of your Baby Step each morning – bring it into your awareness and energy pattern.
  4. Notice if you’ve Fallen off the Horse – and forgive yourself immediately (it is so not a big deal in the scheme of things).
  5. Decide when you’re going to Get Back On the Horse. Write it down on your calendar. Commit.
  6. Repeat steps 3-5 as often as needed.
  7. Start again with #1 only when you have succeeded with your first Baby Step

Here’s a BIG hint for you, and an important warning:

Warning! Beware of Bright & Shiny objects!

What that means is, “beware the next great thing.”

It is so fun to try on a new teacher, class, book, process, diet, course, etc – I know! But please learn to look at it as the forbidden fruit of real change and success. The reality of following a Bright & Shiny is that you erase (or at best stall out) all the energetic progress you’ve made to that point. Just imagine – your big change may be lined up and ready to “drop into your experience,” but you drop your focus on it to chase a Bright & Shiny. There is no longer enough power to bring your change from its energetic form into physical form. Game over.

More on that in another post. In the meantime – make your list, take care with your baby steps, and be sure to find some way to be accountable to whatever “new (or old) thing” you’re determined to manifest, once and for all!

* I think I may have made up this term, although it’s one that I use quite often with my clients. We all make self-commitments (imagine gallantly riding that horse), only to wake up awhile later and realize “oh shoot – I totally dropped the ball on that thing I had started,” (imagine you are now waking up, uninjured, in the pasture). What does one do in said scenario? Yes, you go home, take a hot shower, eat a fabulous breakfast…and then you go right back to the stables, saddle up that very same horse, and ride again.

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