Energy Alchemy 101 – Transforming YOU

You know those classes that seem to change the very fiber of your being?

And you feel rejuvenated, connected, and aligned?

This is Energy Alchemy.

It's about getting you back to you.It's about connecting to your deepest power, moving past blocks (finally!), and coming alive in a joyful, grounded way.It's about staking claim on

“I have been totally blown away by how positive an experience this has been, and how much we accomplished in a relatively short period of time.”– k.c. wilder, author

Energy Alchemy unlocks a new world of possibility and creation.

This Course will shift you into a place of feeling:

  • More powerful than ever
  • Connected to your guides, higher self, Divine energy
  • Stronger and ready to Manifest is a super-powerful way!
  • Ready – in a grounded, centered way – to take action toward your dreams
  • Supported, encouraged and guided

Are you ready to take a MAJOR (but simple!) step into who you want to be?

Yes! I am ready to Alchemize my Energy!

Then I’m pleased to invite you to become part of the amazing group of like-minded souls in this 8-week webinar.

It will absolutely transform your inner-being.

Announcement! The new 8-week Energy Alchemy course will begin October 2016.

SPECIAL OFFER! When you sign up with a friend, you will each receive 30% off. That’s a great big savings, and it makes it way more fun to bring a buddy along!

Having walked hundreds of people through my Energy Alchemy process, I can vouch for the fact that the results are *magical.* It’s a word I hesitate to use, but I truly cannot find another way to describe it. My clients have:

  • Happiness! They have learned to create it – truly create it – on the inside.
  • Peace. They know how to navigate negative energy without attachment.
  • Loving relationships. They have good, balanced, caring, compassionate people in their lives, because they themselves emit a different vibration.
  • New bodies. As we transform our energy, we transform our bodies.
  • The list goes on! And on and on!

The classes will take place over eight weeks. All calls will be recorded, and will be made available as mp3’s in case you need to listen afterwards. I encourage you to be there in person, however, as there will be a tremendous amount of POWER coming through the line!

There will be homework for you to do each week. This is a hugely-important piece of the puzzle, because it heightens, extends, and amplifies the energy around the work we’ll be doing on the calls. Trust me on this!

The Energy Alchemy Course includes:

        • 8 one-hour video conference calls, with instruction on how to most-powerfully direct your energy, plus intensive energy work through guided visualizations
        • A major focus on shifting old ingrained patterns
        • Connecting with your wisest-self, and expanding this flow
        • A workbook and assignments so you get the absolute most from your investment
        • Three 30-minute coaching calls with Julianna, as well as email access

If you know – in those deep parts of your being – that you are ready for “more,” then this is it, the time is NOW.

Energy Alchemy is going to change your life.

You, and your life, are worth it.

All My Best,

p.s.  If you join with a friend, you will each receive 30% off! Plus it’s more fun, and they can be your accountability-partner, so that you can squeeze the absolute most out of our time together. Just send me your two email addresses at [email protected] and I will send you your special offer!