Imagine finally unlocking the remaining secret…

…and realizing it was within you the entire time.

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– Bruce D. Schneider, MCC, Founder, iPEC Coaching; Author, Energy Leadership

The Discomfort of Being Human

I spent a number of days last week wrestling with some uncomfortable growing pains. Connecting In

At first I was blaming these pains on things in my physical world…my puppy is once again acting up; my book is in the exciting, but intense final stages before publication; we’re renovating our kitchen; my husband is in Africa for a couple weeks; my kids are both sick; I did a power-travel to California for a 3-day event; it’s been cold and rainy instead of beautiful New England Autumn; the list goes on.

Yes, there’s a lot going on in my physical world. And yes, I am tired – mentally, physically, emotionally.

But eventually the root of it finally appeared to me:

I have been ignoring my non-physical world.

Hear me out.

I am not much of a meditator. Yes, I go into that place when I lead clients into guided visualizations – and it clears me right out and fills me right up.

But I don’t have a “real” meditation practice. I don’t deliberately sit in silence, or do any intentional, daily connecting.

And since I’ve been focusing on a new series of programs and retreats these past few months, I’ve cut back on my one-on-one clients. That translates to cutting back on those chances to go into sacred space.

Add to that the fact that I’ve also been “too busy” to read – and connect through – the deeply tapped-in books that I typically start my day with. This too translates to “no aligning with the highest truths of the Universe, no conscious-allowing of Source to flow through me.”

Instead, I’ve become ridiculously human.

What do I mean by this? I mean that I’ve been devoting my time and energy almost exclusively to the outer form of things – the physical world and relationships therein. I’ve been focusing on my business, my family and my friends.

Which, of course, is great – to focus on these things that I love so much.

But it’s not enough.

I have fallen out of balance.

And on the one hand, I know that this is okay. I’ve gotten really good at remembering my own wisdom that “if I were meant to be fully enlightened, I would have stayed in Spirit form.”

But on the other hand, I know that living with almost an exclusive focus on the physical world has hampered my peace, my joy, my manifestation powers, and my ability to teach and uplift.

This lesson has been popping up for me a lot in 2016. I know it is the journey of facing a new challenge (for me, it’s taking my business to the next level – for others it might be leaving a relationship, or coming to peace with their body), while remaining deeply grounded.

Life challenges are tough enough on their own. Facing them when we’re off-balance, when we’re not directly in touch with – and being supported by – our Higher Selves, makes them even tougher.

On the other hand, when we can find our grounding – our balance, our deepest powers – then we move through these challenges with grace and often-times ease.

I know all this.

And yet I still fall off the blasted horse.

So now it is time to pick myself up, dust myself off, and climb right back onto that horse; into the way of being that I know serves me – and the world – in the highest ways possible.

My intention with this awareness, and with this post, is to recommit to my inner practice. Here’s what it will look like for me:

  1. I intend to be the witness of where I currently am
  2. I intend to observe this place without judgement
  3. I intend to return to a daily practice of tapping in, through whatever form feels downstream and expansive to me (currently I am reading “The I AM Discourses” – this will be my practice)

If you are facing a challenge, I invite you to create a similar plan, a similar practice. Make sure it’s something that feels deeply good to you. If it helps to write it down, or find an accountability partner, do that too.

I teach my clients that the path of growth is similar to a trail spiraling up a mountain: we often get to a place where we look at the view and think “What? I’ve been here before! This again??”

I am, of course, finding myself at such a juncture.

Thankfully I’ve been reminding myself of the second part of the spiral-trail story: if we pay attention, we see that while we are overlooking the same view (situation, challenge, trigger), we are invariably seeing it from a higher elevation.

We are always growing. We might revisit a lesson, but always, always, we are different each time we encounter it.

The human journey up that spiral mountain path is not easy.

It is the discomfort of being human.

But when we choose look at it from the right angle – when we realize we’re at a higher elevation each time around – we can celebrate it as the growth that it unquestionably is.

So Much Easier Said Than Done

I’m going to be brutally honest here. Growth sucks.

It is painful and scary, awkward and uncomfortable. It feels ugly, gangly, and embarrassing.

I am not a fan.

Except, of course, I am. Or I must be, because I keep digging deeper, pulling up my boot straps and moving forward – long past the time when any sane person would have climbed into bed, put a pillow over her head, and called it a day. Or a decade.

The pain of stretching into a new place. (Photo: Courtesy Gratisography)

See, here’s the thing.

Clearly I make a habit of being positive, uplifting, encouraging and supportive on this blog.

I do this in my “real” life, too – it’s what I do as a profession, but even moreso, it’s who I am.

I believe in it 110%, from the deepest parts of my soul.

I believe in pursuing our dreams, in following those little whispers, or big nudges – those things we long to try, and lose track of time once we’re finally doing them.

I believe that when we leap, the net appears – that when we say “yes” to our deeper calling, that we will be supported in strange and mysterious ways.

And I believe in moving forward in spite of fear, because it gets the Universe moving on our behalf, and otherwise we stay still and fail to grow in new and exciting ways.

BUT…… Keep Reading…>>

Transitioning (aka Dying)

A spiritual view of the Other Side

I am the last person to say that loss is easy.

A year ago I lost my childhood best friend to cancer. She was 39 when she was diagnosed. Two angelic, young children and a (thankfully) wonderful husband. A beautiful life on Cape Cod. Within five months she was gone. Just like that.

To say she was my best friend is…simplistic. The vast majority of my childhood memories stem from our time together – attached at the hip from 5-18. We vacationed together. Her mom once washed my mouth out with soap when I swore; my mom taught her some of the details of “becoming a woman.” She was a sister.

And then she was gone.

Courtesy - Gratisography

Courtesy – Gratisography

So I get it.

But, deep breath, what I also get — and what carried me through my sadness — is that she is fine. We all are fine.

Her Soul has returned home, and I don’t mean that in a simplistic way. I mean her soul has returned home. Keep Reading…>>

Spirituality Loosens the Grasp of Grieving (mp3)

Power-coaching. Weekly. Free.

Hello Julianna,
Thank you for your gift.
I need help. Can you help with bereavement?
I lost my love 1 month ago today. It was a horrible and unexpected shock. I am having trouble processing this and forgiving myself. I need some help and I don’t know where to turn. I have an interest in OBE (Out of Body Exploration) so I found you on The Monroe Institute site and was drawn to you.

Thank you for the honor of helping you during this painful time. I sincerely hope this message, as it came through me, brings you some measure of solace, support and peace – to you and to whomever else may need it at this time.

In Light –

((If you have a question/issue you’d like guidance on, the link to submit a “See For Free Question” is always at the bottom of my newsletter – so go ahead and ask away!))

How to Protect your Energy

"Bubbling" Yourself and Why it Matters

A lot of folks reading this blog are highly intuitive.

((Spoiler alert: you can go straight to this mp3 link to quickly learn to “bubble” yourself.))

Let me ask you a few questions:

  • Do you get overwhelmed in crowded, loud, or bright spaces?
  • Are you highly sensitive to other peoples’ energies?
  • Do you ideally wait to feel “aligned” with a decision, project, chore, etc before doing it?

Here’s the thing with Intuitives: we experience the world very differently from others.

We walk through the world using a very finely tuned radar system.

This means that we pick up many, many things that other people don’t.

Courtesy – Gratisography

And while that it lovely in a lot of ways, it often leads to what I call Intuitive Overload. Keep Reading…>>

The ‘Secret’ that Transforms my Coaching

(and can change YOUR life)

I’ve come to understand it’s the Energy Work that makes my coaching not only unique, but also gives it its “special powers.”

Hint: The power is coming from far beyond me. I just step aside, and let it do its thing.

I just found this documentary and resonated whole-heartedly with all of it. They are saying what I myself know to be true.

It’s filled with beauty and love.

((It’s also a great watch for anyone who finds themselves scared of death, wondering about psychic abilities, or doubting God. Yeah, it’s that good.))

2 Critical Insights for Mastering Your Energy

(And you're already doing more of it than you realize...)

Do you ever wonder why some people feel really good to be around?

Or how some folks dominate a room, even if they are not loud?

Courtesty – Gratisography

It’s kind of strange, right? A puzzle.

I’ve been “reading the world through Energy” for more than a decade now. Heck, I was probably doing it before that, but hadn’t yet figured out how to make sense of it all.

What I’ve found is that it’s really easy to understand that puzzle, once you learn to see the patterns.

More importantly, when we learn the basics of Energy, we finally begin to master ourselves.*

What is Energy?

When I say “energy” I don’t mean how long you can run on a treadmill, or whether you’re falling asleep at your desk. Nor am I talking about the Einstein version of E=MC2.

Keep Reading…>>