A New More Powerful Resistance

Every time I sit down to write about the past two weeks – and what I’ve witnessed from an energetic standpoint – one of two things happen:

  1. My brain goes on overload. My thoughts gets so tangled with the criss-crossing and overlapping threads of all that is happening, that I can’t make sense of any of it, and I am rendered speechless.
  2. I get angry. The anger stems from powerlessness. And the powerlessness is based in my inability to adequately put “proof” to why the current political situation is so crazy, so beyond the norm, and so very, very far from being a matter of simple – or even extreme – political leanings.

It is crazy because the things that Donald Trump accuses the Left of doing are instead the things that he himself is doing (attacking the opposition, propagating fake news, trying to block the normal workings of government, making up lies).

We have been thrown into a hall of mirrors – and he and his supporters are vehemently insisting that the mirrors are flat.

Here’s the thing. I am a professional “reader of people” and I am extremely good at it. Every fiber of my being knows how deeply pathological Donald Trump is. These reverse-accusations carry the stench of abuse, and even though I don’t have the clinical terminology to explain it, I can feel deep in my bones how he has ensnared the world in the cycle of his narcissistic needs.

I don’t say this to incite fear or to be dramatic. I say it in order…[Continue reading]

Post-Election: How to Move Forward

(Without Shooting Ourselves in the Foot)

Like so many of you, I have spent the past several days sorting through a seemingly endless set of emotions – ranging from disbelief, fear, and horror, all the way to peace, inspiration, and love.

(Courtesy: Gratisography)

(Courtesy: Gratisography)

What I’ve noticed – in the aftermath of the election – is a lot of different people responding in a lot of different ways.

And many of them are saying that we should be responding the same way they are.

This, friends, is dangerous.


Too Much Pushing

Here’s the thing. We cannot push someone to be something they are not.

In fact, most of the time when people are pushed, they either shut down or resist.

Example #1: the gentle person who reads countless Facebook posts about how we must fight the demagogue, rally against the mysogeny, rage against the (new) machine. This is not in their nature. They shut down from shame that they are not picking up the battle cry. They do nothing.

Example #2: the warrior who hears the peaceful call for love and light. This is not in their nature, at least not right now. They begin to take up arms against their own team, because they feel this “peaceful” approach is passive and ineffective – a sign of apathy or worse.

In either scenario, we are shooting ourselves in the foot. We are taking down our own forces. We are weakening ourselves and our cause.


We Are All Different

What I have to say is this:

There is no singular “right way” to respond.

We are all different – even those of us on the same side of this political debacle.

I have watched these past days as different friends make different impassioned pleas.

Some argue that we must fight.

Others (myself included) claim that we must love.

The list is endless.

And the truth is this:

We must each move forward in the way that is most empowered for us.

And as we move forward together we must be allowed – nay, encouraged – to do it separately and in our own ways.

We must each be allowed – nay, encouraged – to tap into our own unique gifts, as we attempt not just to make sense of what has happened, but to take deliberate steps in creating a solution. For some, that means marching in the streets. For others, that means meditating. For others still, that means volunteering for Planned Parenthood or a local LGBTQ organization.

What we must do is take action.

What we can’t do is pressure each other to take action that is not aligned.

That would put us working against each other.

We simply cannot afford to do that right now.


What To Do

Some people are angry – they’re fierce and fired up. This is beautiful! Their charge is to take action that feels aligned with their call to fight.

Some people are scared – they worry what will happen to them or their loved ones. This is beautiful! Their charge is to take action that feels aligned with protecting those who might be in danger.

Some people are feeling called to Love more – they feel that this is the way to heal the open wounds. This is beautiful! Their charge is to take action that feels aligned with their desire to share love.

Some people are just plain stunned – they will remain “stuck” if not offered an opportunity that feels totally do-able to them. This too is beautiful! Their charge is to feel around inside of themselves, until they find an activity that feels great, and then do that! It might be baking cupcakes and delivering them to a soup kitchen. It might be volunteering to tutor high school kids. It might be helping out at the library book sale.

The only thing we can ask of each other are these three (3) things:

  1. Do something
  2. Ensure that your something feels good (so that you are bringing good-feelings into the world)
  3. Ensure that your something is of benefit to at least one person other than you

You see, we are each coming into this situation as completely different beings – with different perspectives, life experiences, strengths and gifts. What works for one will not work for all.

Our best, most empowered approach is one in which we encourage each others’ gifts into action.

Repeatedly. In a committed way. Over the long-haul.


In Closing

We must genuinely support that which the other is doing.

We must raise each other up for stepping into action.

We must recognize that we’re all in this together, and that our separate gifts are working toward the same cause.

We must come to see that we are all in the same orchestra, playing our own unique instruments.

Because above all else, this is an opportunity for every single one of us to tap into an even better part of ourselves.

And to encourage everyone around us to do the same.

This is how we unify.

Rock Music and Big Dreams

I have a secret to share.

For many years I held the dream of working with rock musicians.

That’s right. My Big Dream was to do energy coaching with bands – with the guys (or girls) making serious waves in the world through their tunes.

I had more than a few people tell me this was crazy (okay, there were only a few people who didn’t tell me it was crazy).

But that didn’t matter.

The pull was real and it was deep.

So I persevered. I made it happen. I worked back stage at festivals and other shows doing reiki and reflexology. While I wasn’t using the truest of my gifts (energy coaching), it was close enough.

And I was utterly thrilled by the whole of it – by being able to make a difference for those who were making a difference for thousands of others, even if just for a day.

I was filling the people who were filling others.

I was doing it in a setting that brought me endless joy (live music).

And it was beautiful.

Until I saw it slipping away.

See, I wasn’t interested in pounding down doors in LA and NYC, just to get a gig – and I came to see that’s what it took to get into the scene. I tapped every resource I had: a friend who writes for Rolling Stone, others who are producers or musicians themselves. There were just too many layers for any but the most toughened person to get through.

And I certainly wasn’t going the step further of offering “favors” in order to be invited to work at gigs. No joke, I worked side by side with at least one woman who was as much call girl as masseuse.

No, not my scene. Not in the least.

So I came to see it as the impossible dream that everyone had told me it was.

I let it go.

And in all honesty, I thought it was gone.

Friends would ask me about it from time to time, and I’d genuinely say that I had moved on to working with other types of “change agents,” and that I loved this new direction my work had taken me.

And I do!

That hasn’t changed.

But today, something did change.

I stumbled upon a music video that moved me. And then another that was too beautiful not to share. And then something called me to track down Mumford and Sons at Red Rocks (see above), which is an all-time favorite. And then I was hooked.

I was reminded that my Big Dream is alive and well.

I was reminded because instead of just listening, I actually took the time to watch the music being made.

And there it was: the magic.

The pull.

I watched the musicians allow their gifts to move through them. I watched the years of blood, sweat – and surely tears – that brought them to where they are. I watched the looks, smiles, nods, and every other form of subtle communication that happens between band members as they navigate the waters of creating art. Together.

And I watched the crowd.

I watched as the joy picked them up and carried them in a flow that was the music. I watched as the vibration literally moved through their bodies, and raised them up, if even for only an hour or two. I watched as tens of thousands of people celebrated, danced, reveled. Together.

And I watched the musicians as people who were pouring their life force into the love of their lives: their music. I watched, knowing that they were in the flow of creation, an alternate space, a peak experience, a place where transcendence happens.

And I watched something else, too.

(Recommendation: Start at 49:08 and don’t stop until 55:08!)

I watched the humanness of these guys, knowing that their challenges are just as real as the rest of ours, in spite of the bigness of their lives.

I watched knowing that their challenges are actually amplified by life in the spotlight, by the difficulties of being a hero while on tour, and then a regular person once they return home. Home, to a partner and maybe kids, or to no one. To dishes to be washed and bills to be paid.

Home, where they no longer have their band of brothers next to them, or their fans there to worship them.

Home, to a life without those grand hours of creation.

Home, to existence as a mere mortal, no longer in the space of transcendence.

This, I thought. This is the space that is calling me.

But here’s the thing: this time, I feel it in a grounded, balanced way. I feel it powerfully, keeping pace with the knowing that it will come in its own time. I no longer feel the need or desire to chase it. Instead, I am fully content to know it’s on its way. And I am as thrilled as ever to continue the work I am doing now, with the amazing souls I’m currently serving.

There’s such freedom in this knowing.

And truthfully, there’s a whole lot of joy that is coursing through my veins, because today I visited one of my happy places: watching music being made and an entire crowd of people being lifted. Together.


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Why We Hold on to Negativity

And 4 tricks to let it go

I am furious.

At my dog. Who ran away. Again.

Actually, if I’m being truthful, he sauntered.

Photo Courtesy: Gratisography

Photo Courtesy: Gratisography


Regardless – this is not about the speed of my dog’s movement, but rather the speed of my movement.

As I stood in my kitchen seething with a quiet rage (at being duped, at having to take the time to go find him, and having ever-more stuff on my plate), I realized this was one of those times where I could choose to walk my talk (as an Energy Mastery Coach), or I could inadvertently let my emotions take charge of me.

I knew which I wanted, and my question soon became Keep Reading…>>

Why Softness Matters

5 ways to do more by being calmer

I was feeling pretty hard-edged for the first few months of the year. If you’ve read any of my recent blog posts, you may have noticed as much.

Oddly enough, I didn’t even notice it.

Photo courtesy Flickr (dictay2000)

Photo courtesy Flickr (dictay2000)

And the funny thing is, as an Energy Coach, it would be the first thing I’d notice if I met myself on the street. I wouldn’t judge it – I would just see it for what it was.

And I would realize that with some balancing, I’d be a lot more powerful.

But since it was me, and my own life, I was blind to it. I just kept on plugging away, pushing things into being, Keep Reading…>>

My Money Wasn’t Where My Mouth Was (or something like that)

Vulnerable stuff ahead…

I had an “ah-ha!” moment with my coach last week (yes, even I have a coach…and I’m way better for it!) that my definition of SUCCESS didn’t add up to my definition of success. It sounds convoluted, and it is, which is perhaps why I hadn’t even noticed it before.

Here’s what happened:

Photo – Courtesy Gratisography

Photo – Courtesy Gratisography

I have a business that I LOVE!

But…. I’m not yet serving as many people as I know I’m meant to serve. And I don’t yet have the income that I know I’m meant to have.

And I just now realized (yes, just now) that because of these things, I often feel more like a failure than a SUCCESS.

Which makes sense…but also TOTALLY doesn’t. Keep Reading…>>

When to Push v. When to Allow

I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling a little “off” right now.

I feel like I want to be slacking, but I that should be charging forward instead.

Something inside me is wanting to be fallow – you know, to rejuvenate and all – but another part of me is acutely aware of the danger of losing momentum.

And the whole thing has got me to thinking about when to Push versus when to Allow.


This topic is not new. Not to me personally, and certainly not to my clients.

Here’s how I most often encounter it for myself:

I really don’t feel like doing the dishes right now – but that’s okay, because I’ll have the motivation to do them at some point in the next 3-6 hours.

And I do. So it’s all good – this is a system that works for me. And for my family.

Along these same lines, if I don’t feel like doing the laundry, I know I’ll get to it within a day or two. Writing thank-you cards? A few days. Writing my next blog post? Um….

This is what I’ve been facing the past few weeks.

Yes, weeks.


I just plain wasn’t feeling it. I was all Christmas and New Years and travel and family and eggnog. Nowhere in this milieu was there an energetic connection to sitting at the computer. Or reaching out to people who, by my estimates, were similarly in their own little tinsel and eggnog bubbles.

Frankly, I wanted to give us all a break. Keep Reading…>>

Why We Give Others Our Power

And (of course) how we can stop

I fancy myself to be a really grounded, centered person.

And I am.

Most of the time, anyway.

This morning I was thrown from that happy warm-fuzzy bubble.

Courtesy iStock

Aghh! Why does that still happen, when I know as much as I know and help as many people as I do?

Why do I still allow someone to take my power?

Now, in all fairness, that someone was my husband. And he wasn’t trying to take my power… Keep Reading…>>

How to quickly Beat the Fear of Failure – mp3

Energy Coaching. Weekly. Free.

This week’s See for Free Coaching is all about how to move forward in the midst of our fears. I have found myself smack dab in the middle of needing this myself, the past day or two.

We’re never too old to learn, and it’s never too late to do some Puddle Jumping (it’ll make sense once you listen!). Enjoy, and leave a comment to let me know about puddles you’ve jumped lately!

Each week I respond, in an MP3, to a reader’s question with some Energy Coaching and/or a guided visualization. Let me know what you think, in the comments below.

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