A New Way of Facing Down Fear

It’s a bit crazy to me, how I can have done “so much work” and still find myself in ego-based places of fear.

I wrote this post a few days ago. Little did I know at the time that I was writing it for myself as much as for anyone else. Here goes, and here’s to Puddle Jumping – in spite of the fear!

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courtesy istock


There’s a new term I want to tell you about. It’s called “Puddle Jumping.”

It’s got the power to blast down decades of blocks – the power to get us what we want:

Excitement. Manifestation. Joy. Success. Love.

And most importantly, it gets us past the “stuckness” of fear.

Here’s how Puddle Jumping sounds and feels:

“You can do it – just Puddle Jump!”

“I feel great – I just Puddle Jumped!”

And best of all, “I never, ever would have gotten to where I am now if I hadn’t Puddle-Jumped.”

The Skinny on Puddle Jumping
It goes like this. Imagine you want to do/be/have something. Be specific. It’s something you like to daydream about it.

But, frankly, it feels like too big of a reach, so you haven’t gone for it.

Maybe it’s Tango lessons, or talking to your boss about a raise, or taking that trip to Cancun.

It’s something that gets your juices flowing, but you keep finding reasons why you can’t do it, or it won’t work. As adults, we often call these things by their excuses, “I’m too busy,” or “if only I had the time.” Or the best one “I don’t have the money.” (But you could, in actuality, squirrel away $10 a week and have enough money for it within six months).

You catch my drift.

You want it, but you haven’t gone for it. Something always holds you back.

Now, imagine that this thing that you want to do/be/have is on the other side of a puddle that just appeared smack dab in front of you.

And yup, you guessed it.

You have to jump over the puddle to get it.

Now, that’s not quite genius. I know that. Nor is it genius for me to point out that the reason you haven’t gone for the “thing you want” is that you’re afraid you won’t make it over the puddle.

Wait? What?

Did you, or did you not, actually realize that you haven’t “gone for it” because you’re afraid you won’t “make it.” That you might fail.

Did you consciously realize that it’s fear that’s holding you back – or did you really think it was time/money?

Always, it’s fear. When we can move past fear, those excuses dissolve.

But fear is powerful. Extremely powerful. Fear of failure may be the most powerful of all.

Failure feels horrible. Or at least, so we’ve been led to believe.

We imagine the horror of failure, of falling in that darned puddle, unable to have met our goal. Our socks and shoes are wet and squishy and gross, in this vision. And so we decide not to jump in the first place. It’s much safer this way, we think. We stay put. We don’t try new things, or go for those daydreams of ours.

The Magic of Puddle Jumping
I understand this – I feel it myself sometimes too. I don’t like wet socks any more than the next girl.

But what if there was another way to look at this whole thing? I mean, is it necessary to hate the feeling of wet socks? What if it wasn’t such a bad thing anymore?

There is a way, of course (there’s always a way, for that matter).

Come closer…this is where everything (and I do mean everything) can change for you. The next sentence is the antidote to fear, a way out of a life that isn’t fulfilling as you want it to be.

The success is in the jumping.

Yes, you read that right.

The simple act of jumping is all that we need in order to meet success. All else – including where we land, how wet we get, and what we find on the other side – is irrelevant.

Here’s why.

And this gets deep, big, and absolutely invaluable, so hold on tight and listen close.

When we move in the direction of our dreams, all manner of cosmic forces, magical energies, and synchronicities are set in motion.

When we move in the direction of something we want, the Universe matches our actions with its own actions, bringing us experiences, opportunities, and people to fit the vibration of whatever we’re moving toward.

When we move, energy moves.*

Puddle-jumping might indeed cause our socks to get wet, but that’s okay, because all that was being asked of us was simply to jump. So when you decide to take those tango lessons, perhaps you discover you’re not as great as you’d hoped – but you meet a new friend and your life opens up in other ways; or you talk to your boss about a raise, and she refuses, but suddenly a head-hunter calls to offer you a new and better job; or you start saving for that trip to Cancun, and it goes off without a hitch – the vacation of a lifetime!

See, maybe you make it across the puddle (the Cancun example – it turns out just as you planned), but maybe you don’t (the first two examples). Either way, something new opened up in your life. You moved, and energy moved – things shifted and the pathway of your life took new and expanded turns.

The take-away? Every single time we want to step into a new place, a new puddle will appear. The key is to not let it scare you! Come to expect it, perhaps even embrace it as the sign that it is: a symbol that you are becoming something new.

Remember, puddles (and often times wet socks) are the nature of expansion – they signal that you are about to become a new and better version of yourself.

So go on then – no more stalling. Strap on a pair of rainboots and start puddle-jumping/tango-ing your way to Cancun!

* Sadly, the reverse is true as well: when we don’t move, energy doesn’t move. Knowing this, it is easy to understand the dis-ease so many people have in their lives: paralyzed by the fear of failing, not being perfect, or not getting what they’re aiming for, they opt for inaction. They might be avoiding failure, but they’re doing it at the cost of stagnation. And that in and of itself feels bad. Unfulfilling. Like something is missing from their life. If this was/is you, I do hope this post inspires you to take action! Just remember, when you puddle-jump, you set magic into motion!

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  1. Hi, Julianna, Thanks for your like Re Quantum Consciousness. It is a great way to face your fear. If there is not a QC facilitator in your area, you can also do PLR (past life regression) or LBL (life between life). I’ll post about all of see topics later.