A New More Powerful Resistance

Every time I sit down to write about the past two weeks – and what I’ve witnessed from an energetic standpoint – one of two things happen:

  1. My brain goes on overload. My thoughts gets so tangled with the criss-crossing and overlapping threads of all that is happening, that I can’t make sense of any of it, and I am rendered speechless.
  2. I get angry. The anger stems from powerlessness. And the powerlessness is based in my inability to adequately put “proof” to why the current political situation is so crazy, so beyond the norm, and so very, very far from being a matter of simple – or even extreme – political leanings.

It is crazy because the things that Donald Trump accuses the Left of doing are instead the things that he himself is doing (attacking the opposition, propagating fake news, trying to block the normal workings of government, making up lies).

We have been thrown into a hall of mirrors – and he and his supporters are vehemently insisting that the mirrors are flat.

Here’s the thing. I am a professional “reader of people” and I am extremely good at it. Every fiber of my being knows how deeply pathological Donald Trump is. These reverse-accusations carry the stench of abuse, and even though I don’t have the clinical terminology to explain it, I can feel deep in my bones how he has ensnared the world in the cycle of his narcissistic needs.

I don’t say this to incite fear or to be dramatic. I say it in order…[Continue reading]

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3 thoughts on “A New More Powerful Resistance

  1. This is the best list of strategies I’ve seen so far for coping with my fears for America. It encourages me to take care of myself, but also to step away from the hole I want to hide in. I can’t spend much time looking at the news, but I can give support to what is good.