“Julianna is gifted with the ability to understand and inspire those around her. She enables others to reach great personal heights. She’s been an invaluable resource.” –  LC; Program Manager, IBM Watson Solutions


“Julianna has inspired, compelled, challenged, and gently pushed me. She has helped me grow and develop in ways that I would have never imagined.” –  MK; Chairman, Futurity Foundation


“Julianna is highly intuitive, creative and adept at visioning new possibilities. She brings insight to benefit both large-scale and individual enterprises.” – BP; Corporate Trainer


“It is sooo difficult to describe what happens in the sessions but the result is so obvious and good.” – LB; Director BESP, Conservation International


“Thank you, for — as always — understanding what’s going on in my heart and my head.  Thank you for your great spirit, shared with me and others!” – NN; Div. Director at USDA-FSA


“You are a rockstar extraordinaire. Whatever I did to earn you as a teacher, I’m grateful!” – LM; Principal, Taking Root


“You are an amazing force!” – LM; Project Director, AFT


“Julianna, if I had to choose between riding a unicorn to work every day, or having a flock of miniature penguins do my bidding, or working with you…I would definitely choose the latter.  I can not even think of you without smiling. You rock.” – KM; Poet